AL JADEED TRADING EST. exports domestic products to foreign purchasers manufactured by top quality domestic companies and engages in purchases of foreign products required by the local market, in order to connect the world in a faster, low cost and easier way.

We offer high quality products from top leading industries and serve as and can help you find business opportunities in Saudi Arabian market which has the highest growth rate as of today. 

Our commitment is to help you succeed in today's highly competitive global market, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler end user or just a company planning to export or import any good or service, we connect your trade to the world.

We present your company into a world of opportunities of qualified buyers and suppliers for local and foreign markets.

Our industrial support division has liaison with quality manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reputed international manufacturers and are well into promoting local products to our valued clients inside and outside KSA.

Other divisions are

-Media and Advertisement Solutions

-Information Technology and Services

We value your inquiries and assure you quality services with timely response and delivery.



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